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نمونه نامه ریکانسیدر برای کانادا برای اعتراض به ریجکتی

آمریکا کانادا ویزا و مهاجرت اطلاعات ویزا و مهاجرت کانادا ریجکتی ویزا کانادا نمونه نامه ریکانسیدر برای کانادا برای اعتراض به ریجکتی

نمونه نامه برای اعتراض به ریجکتی ویزای کانادا

Dear Officer,

I am,……., writing this letter to express my request about my study permit application (D.O.B: ……, UCI: ……., Application No: …….) .Unfortunately I have received my refusal on October 5, 2020 due to financial status and personal assets.
With all due respect, I am going to explain with reasons why I believe that my refusal was not a correct decision and why my application deserves a second chance:
Based on my financial documents my supporter, my father, has displayed his bank statements with six-month turnover which have shown that he can support my expenses in Canada. His bank accounts totally have 155000 CAD. According to the university offer letter, my expenses including life expenses in Toronto and two semesters tuition will be around 31000. As evidence is showing, our financial power is acceptable. Also for more reassurance we have brought two lease contracts for two houses as our financial source. IT SHOULD BE NOTED: I have paid a semester tuition in advance. While as a 24 girl I am too young to have some assets, I have submitted a title of deed which half of it is mine and its worth is approximately 160000 CAD.
As ties I have to refer to the most important treasure which I have ever had, my family. All of my family members are in Iran and this is the most powerful reason to live in Iran. Also three titles of deeds (two houses and a car) were submitted.
I have been accepted into Ryerson university for a master program (Global Business Management). My undergraduate field was management and I have been working as a sales manager assistant in Asia insurance company in the CMR field which is related to my selected program, both of them are about international business. As a result, my program is relevant to my professional and educational background. This program will give me this chance to enhance my position in our company as a woman manager (based on my job offer letter) because it is so challenging to work in this area as a woman in Iran and I really need to have a prominent degree which makes me more distinguished. During my work expertise in Asia insurance company I have found some talented women who make me come back after my education to share my knowledge with them to build a strong team and inspire other Iranians women.
Based on the given reasons, I kindly ask you to have a reconsideration about my application. Definitely your decision plays a crucial role in my professional life.

Thank you for taking this into consideration.

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• AnkraImmigration@international.gc.ca
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• ankara-im-enquiry@international.gc.ca

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